The demosqued are a growing segment within Islam. Statistics are emerging, although not to the detail of the dechurched.

demosquedSince at least 1998, figures have been tracked on mosque attendance in The Netherlands.

Over a ten year period the percentage of demosqued Muslims rose from 53 percent to 65 percent.

That’s a 12 percent climb, or conversely, a 12 percent drop in attendance.

Compare that with the dechurched in the USA.

Over a five year period, the Unaffiliated, mostly from Christianity, since that is the major religion by far in the USA, rose from just over 15 percent to slightly under 20 percent.



Work that out for yourselves. It suggests that the categories of dechurched and demosqued are growing by about 10 percent every 10 years.

Of course we’re averaging things out, but it’s a fair rule of thumb in at least these two nations.

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